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How to make Microsoft Edge virus free in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been launched recently by Microsoft Corporation but there are multiple problems when it comes to the guarding the operating system against the threats from the masterminds who are apt in internet hacking and thus taking away the data that is crucial. Microsoft Corporation, the maker of this advanced version of the operating system needs time for the solution as far as the enhancement of security of Windows 10 is concerned. Being careful in using the Windows 10 is one of the key solutions for making it secure because there are high chances of virus and malware making the system dirty by destroying the crucial data. Thanks to Microsoft support center for helping people overcome virus issues with the browser.


The prime ways in which the viruses attack the windows 10 operating system are through mails, commercial ads, software updates etc. At times, it becomes cumbersome to deal with such issues and in such a case dialing a toll-free Windows 10 support phone number can be a suitable option. It is available on the official websites of various technical support providing companies. By going through some guidelines mentioned below, you can defend the Windows 10 against virus and malware:

  • When you launch the freeware, go for the custom installation. By this, the not needed options will be sidelined. You can also remove the changes that are not according to the law.
  • Do not open the links in email that are not genuine.
  • Watching the porn websites can release malignant codes.
  • Go through the torrent files properly and also those files that come from 3rd party websites.
  • No revision of the software from the 3rd party websites is needed.
  • Do not tap on the ads that are not part of the websites you are visiting.


How to remove Malware and virus Microsoft browser in Windows 10?

First of all, you are supposed to take Microsoft Edge technical support for virus removal in Windows 10 to solve the issue. You can also follow the easy steps mentioned below to make your browser highly functional in Windows 10:

  • You can uninstall the applications that are not required or found untrustworthy by the help of start menu.
  • After this, you will separate malware as well as virus from Microsoft edge.
  • Download threats removal tool and subsequently after that system optimization tool.
  • De-loading cache and cookies of Microsoft edge for virus eradication.

All these steps have been suggested by Microsoft-certified professionals and intended to make people things happen in their favor.  Alternately, you can go for the Microsoft Edge Windows customer service for viral and malware removal in Windows 10.

If these suggestions are not enough to make things happen, you better ask tech support companies for a better solution on virus removal from browsers in Windows.

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