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Making popup blocker active and inactive in Internet Explorer 11

Windows users might know it well that Internet Explorer 11 comes with its own pop-up blocker. Moreover, this blocker is found activated by default. The browser allows you to alter some settings in order to let you choose which sites will allow pop-ups and notification types and preset filter levels. The same thing can be easily done with the help of Windows technical support for browser via a remote support service. Following is a short description which will help readers better understand the IE11 Web browser settings and how to change them. This account will also let you know how you can make popup blocker active and inactive in Internet Explorer 11.

First of all, open Internet Explorer browser and tap on the Gear icon or the Action or Tools menu. After this, choose Internet options when you find the drop-down menu appeared before you.

After this, you will find IE11’s Options interface displayed onscreen, overlaying your browser window. If the IE 11 is not active, simply choose the Privacy tab.


When the browser’s privacy-based options are visible, you will find Pop-up Blocker with an option accompanied by a check box as well as a button.

Then, you will find a check box, labeled Turn on Pop-up Blocker, which is enabled automatically and lets you tie this functionality off and on. If you are interested in disabling IE11’s pop-up blocker, just eliminate the check mark by tapping on it once. If you want to re-activate it, then add the check mark back and choose the Apply button that is available in the bottom right hand corner of the window.

After this, it is likely that you will get IE11’s Pop-up Blocker Settings interface as it will help you make a whitelist of websites where you will permit some pop-ups and make modifications in case pop-ups are blocked.

In the pop-up Blocker Settings, you will find the labeled Exceptions which will allow you to add or remove the addresses of websites so that you can allow pop-up windows matching your changing browsing needs. It is easy to active and inactive popup blocker in Internet Explorer 11 with the help of Microsoft Windows technical support phone number.

You will also get labeled Notifications and blocking level option in the bottom section.

  • Play a sound when a pop-up is blocked.
  • Show Notification bar when a pop-up is blocked.
  • Blocking Level to choose pop-up blocker configurations.

These tips have been suggested by Windows 10 support experts for pop-up blockers are helpful for managing popup blockers in Internet Explorer 11.

In case these suggestions don’t work for you, it better to call Microsoft Windows support from 3rd party tech support providers.

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