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Microsoft Edge Browser – Here is How To Block Ads in Windows 10?

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft is working hard on improving the browsing experience of users and; however, has introduced some new support extensions also. The users can choose one of their choices. In Build 2015, Microsoft made a statement that Project Spartan will replace Internet Explorer in Windows 10 and is formally named Microsoft Edge. It is a WinRT-based browser. In its initial release, it won’t support extensions or add-ons. So, there are no ad block extension tools to block ads in Edge. For this, you can contact Windows technical support number and get instant help from the certified tech experts in an efficient manner.


In future, Microsoft will definitely add extensions for an Adblock Plus in Windows 10. If you want to block ads in the browser now, then you can visit the official website or Windows or take help from Windows support page to do this in a right manner.

Luckily, there are methods to block ads on the Microsoft Edge browser. One of the positive points of using this method is that it not only blocks ads in the browser, but also in the complete system which includes Windows 10 universal apps. The procedure is moderately straightforward and only requires editing the host’s file, which is built into Windows. In case you confront any issue in using this method, then you can simply dial a toll-free Windows customer support number and get help from tech experts instantly.

Below given are some steps to block Ads in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge browser:

  • First of all, bring up the Start Menu and enter “Notepad.” The application will show up in the results.
  • Now Right-tap on the Notepad icon and choose Run as Admin from the context menu. This step is significant as editing the host’s file required elevated privileges. Tap “Yes” on the verification dialog that pops up.
  • After this, in Notepad, go to File>Open and navigate to the “C:WindowsSystem32driversetc” directory. Locate the hosts file within the folder and open it. The file will have no extension.
  • From the list of ad-servers, download a server which you need to block ads. Open the downloaded txt file in a new Notepad window.
  • After this, copy and paste all the content of the downloaded file at the end of the host’s Press CTRL+S to save and exit Notepad.
  • Finally, reboot your device and enjoy ad-free Windows 10 installation.

For more solutions, you can visit the official website of Windows and get quality Windows support services at affordable rates.

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