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Microsoft Edge –Windows 10 Web Browser and its Customer Help

Microsoft launched the latest version known as Windows 10 and is in great demand in the world of today. You get free upgrade of this particular operating system along with the fantastic features. One of them is the Cortana and coming back of the Start Menu is other great thing.

One of the special features coming along with it is good for the students and educators. It is Microsoft Edge web browser.

Microsoft Edge Technical Support

 The coming of Microsoft Edge –it is advantageous

Microsoft Edge came as a long time replacement of Internet explorer. You are still free to use Explorer in Windows 10 if interested but Microsoft is focusing on the edge as a platform in the days ahead. This has the speed and can be trusted. It is not like other browsers that make the computer slow. It is in the process of development still and there are some features that have not come in the international market yet. As far as the updates are concerned, they are already in the market. You also have the option to approach the technical helpline number for Windows for knowing further about the current updates as well as the further developments that are happening in this particular web browser.

Web Notes

By the help of Web notes, you get the capability to annotate over the web page with the drawing tools of different varieties. It works at best with the touch screen gadget but also works with mouse and is a perfect option for the interactive whiteboards. You have the pen, the highlighter, the eraser, the text tool and the screenshot clipper. Anything that you annotate is saved for the latter. It can be transferred to OneNote and shared by the social media or the email with others. On the right hand corner on top, tap the pencil icon and then start. For the students and teachers, it is a wonderful feature for screencasts that they make for demonstrating the concept online. To know more about this feature, technical support for Microsoft Edge is a nice platform and shall be satisfied.

Reading view [optimized]

When the reading view is activated, it clears the web page so that one gets the article text. You get the view of the website free of any kind of distraction and there is the termination of ads, sidebars and also even the site navigation. In order to activate this, you have to go to the task bar and then click on the open book. In case you have been Mac user, must be aware of functionality of this particular feature.

Cortana in the Microsoft Edge

Cortana is the virtual assistant of Microsoft Windows 10 and can give you the information on the word or the idea. For this, you can highlight the text in question and then choose Ask Cortana. On the RHS of the screen you can see the side bar opening up and can select more detail on the text.

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