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Technical support measures to prevent ads in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is back to Windows in its latest version Windows 10 as the default web browser. With new and enhanced features and versions, Edge will not only improve Windows users browsing experience but also jump in the fray to rival the likes of Firefox or Chrome that already dominate the market. The world leading technology giant is leaving no stone unturned to ameliorate the browser. To do so, it has introduced support for extensions and it also has some plans for an Adblock Plus extension. Popping up of frequent ads in the browser is irritating for all users. And the same thing can be done effectively with the help of a Microsoft Windows technical support for browser assistance from Microsoft support center or any other 3rd party technical support providing companies.


Right now, Adblock Plus isn’t currently available for Edge. So, you can manage things with CatBlock. There is also another adblocker that you can use for the purpose of deleting adverts from web pages and swap them with pictures of cats. Images of pussy on the web can be used if you love cats. To do so, what you need to do is to run a Windows Insider Preview build (14291 onwards) as add-ons aren’t supported in the browser in Windows 10’s mainstream version.

Once you download the extension and extract the contents, it is high time to follow these steps in order to block ads in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. These steps have been suggested by Microsoft technical support professionals that you can easily reach with the help of a Windows 10 phone support number. Let’s go through these steps:

  1. First of all to blocks ads in the browser, you need to run Setup.cmd.
  2. After this, move to the next step and open up Microsoft Edge.
  3. Once you are done with the 2nd step, you simply need to click the ellipses button (…) and choose Extensions.
  4. Now, it is high time to click on Load extension.
  5. Then, you need to move ahead and navigate to the catblock folder.
  6. Finally, you need to click the Select folder button.

While CatBlock replaces adverts with the image of cats automatically.  By tapping on the CatBlock button and selecting Options, you can easily change this behavior. After this, you need to enter into the settings page and uncheck the box to swap ads with cat images. If you have any issues with changing the behavior, then you can opt for Windows technical support from Microsoft professionals. If you are able to do things smoothly, then the menu will let you to whitelist specific YouTube channels and exhibit the number of blocked ads.

These steps are likely to make things happen for you. If not, you better get connected to support experts with a remote tech assistance service.

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