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How to disable Microsoft office upload center in Windows 10?

If you are using Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, or 2016, you may know about the Microsoft Office Upload Center. The upload center appears in the taskbar menu on the right corner of the window where the clock and other background applications are located. This center feature allows you to maintain tabs on your documents once they are uploaded to One Drive. It is one of the useful features if you are uploading a number of documents at one time. In case you are facing any sort of issue in using Microsoft office upload feature, then you can contact Windows customer support from a reliable technical support providing company and get quality tech support.

Microsoft-office-upload-center-Windows 10

Sometimes this feature can be a bit redundant. So, you need to disable this feature by changing the settings in your Upload Center.

How does it work?

The Microsoft upload center allows you to monitor and upload several documents with your One Drive account.  It also let you know if the upload process is successful or failed.

It also allows you create backups for your documents very easily and steadily. It will automatically save any document on your computer, and whenever you connect to the internet, the files will automatically be backed up to your One Drive account. So it’s worth saying that the new notification center will be very useful for definite things but, at the same time, it can get infuriating when you work with batch of documents that are continuously being uploaded and synched with your online backup service. For this, you can also dial a toll-free Windows 10 support phone number and get customized support from the Windows certified technicians.

How to remove it for the existing Session Only?

In case you just want to get rid of the upload icon for your current session on your Windows computer instead of removing it, then simply start by pressing “Ctrl + Alt + Del” then clicking on task manager or “Ctrl + Shift + Esc.”  Next, you will need to choose the “Processes” tab and search for “MSOSYNC.EXE.” Tap on it to highlight it then press “Delete” to stop it from running.  Next, search for “OSPPSVC.EXE” and do the same thing. Hopefully, these steps will help you in removing the upload center current session successfully. If these steps are not helpful in disabling the upload center, then you can contact a third party technical support providing company which proffers you quality Windows support services at affordable rates.

How to remove disable the Office Upload Center Permanently?

  • First of all, press the Win+R hotkey, type taskschd.msc and press Enter. Disable Office Upload Center
  • In the Task Scheduler window, choose Task Scheduler Library from the left pane. Choose the task named similar to Microsoft Office 15 Sync from the middle pane.
  • To identify the correct task is to double-click on it and when the task property window opens up, look under the Actions tab – it should be starting a program called MsoSync.exe.
  • Tap on the Disable button in the right-side pane to disable this task.
  • Restart Windows, now you will no longer see this Office Upload Center icon in the notification area.

For more solutions, visit the official website of Microsoft Windows and get more solutions for the same accordingly.

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