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Some Key Facts about the Ransomware Protection in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Amidst increasing anguish for the malware and online threats in Windows 10, Microsoft has penned down a document so as to detail how it has done to the safety and security against Ransomware in the Windows 10 Anniversary update. The expert has claimed that the latest operating system is about 58% lesser susceptible to online threats than the previous editions.

As per the data revealed by Microsoft, the Ransomware threats have increased by 400% in the ten years. And this is the reason why the developer comes out with a detailed document to convince its users that the threats have duly been addressed in the latest Anniversary Update. And it starts with the security features in Browser that is said to be a key recipient to come across the Ransomware threats.

Windows 10 Update

Once you visit Microsoft Windows 10 support page on the official page, you will come to know about some crucial facts about the way how the threats are easily neutralized. For a better and more elaborative solution, you should contact an experienced professional or visit the support and help page in case of odd symptoms on your computer system.

What is Ransomware and how it can damage your computer system?

Ransomware is a kind of online threat that mostly comes into your computer system through emails or web browser. The cyber goons circulate email messages across the target computer systems, carrying malicious elements. It can be somehow difficult for a novice user to identify whether the email messages do include malicious elements. When your computer system gets infected with a Ransomware, you are blocked to access your data files on your own computer system. And if you try to do so again and again, it will ask you to pay some ransoms. Some of the users are deceived in this way and they make payment for the same.

What is even more threatening is that you are still not allowed to access your data files even after paying the ransom money. So this is how a Ransomware tricks a user through such deceptive manner.

What is more exposed to the threat than other elements?

When it comes to the overall exposure to Ransomware threats, your email and web browser come out to be more sensitive that the other elements in your computer system. As the users download and install add-ons and other vulnerable programs like Adobe Flash plug-in, it allows the malicious elements get into your computer system easily whenever you open web browser and email account. According to the documents, there are some zero-day threats that are successfully targeting web browsers and email programs very effectively.

How Microsoft has addressed the challenges:

Before introducing updates and tools, Microsoft ensures a real time protection through an effective technical support for Windows 10 OS. If you see any odd symptoms on the computer screen, you should immediately contact a technician and get a real-time solution.

As Microsoft has lauded its efforts to stop and neutralize the threats, the developer has brought in some impressive features and tools to address the problem. First of all, Microsoft has introduced Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection tool to ensure even more effective protection against such threats. It has developed an advanced machine learning tool that can best be used identify and kill the virus in a real time. It can provide the users with a better insight about the threats all the time.

To sum up the capabilities, it can be pointed out as following:

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • And response

In addition these points, it does also come up with advanced machine learning capabilities, cloud defender capability, and others.

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