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Technical Tips to Protect from Windows 10’s Default Privacy Invasion

So you finally upgraded your operating system to Windows 10 OS and joined millions of Windows users who are availing of the latest features and applications embedded into the operating system. But do you know, Microsoft has advanced some powerful features to track your activities and it collects your personal information.

Apple and Google are known to collect data of their users, but Microsoft has officially started following the trend. By default, Windows 10 is privileged with technological rights to take your data to Microsoft’s server, including using your bandwidth for the developer’s own interest.


So far, it’s a privacy nightmare and it needs to be overhauled through an accurate and reliable tech support from certified and experienced technicians. Here, in this article, we will go through some popular applications that seem to collect your data and information, and get some expert tips offered by either independent or Microsoft-certified Windows 10 technicians.

Twisting privacy settings in Windows 10 in your way can feasibly cause some additional issues in the same. You would better take the process under an expert supervision, and which you can have only with third-party Windows 10 support providers.

Windows 10 offers a single window to tweak its privacy settings. To do so:

  • Click Start menu and go to the Settings
  • Click Privacy tab and then go to the General section
  • It comes up with a window including number of options related to the privacy settings

Now navigate throughout the options and turn those buttons On or Off as per your requirements.

Windows 10 Data Sync

As soon as you sign up with your Microsoft account, your data and information are automatically synced to the company’s server. It may comprise of your browsing history, favorites mobile hotspot passwords and Wi-Fi network credentials and others.

Go through Settings > Privacy and click “Other Devices” to tweak the set up limit the data syncing.

But it can be tweaked with the help of an experienced Windows customer support service provider. But before you select a particular one, make sure you will be provided with an instant help to personalize the default privacy settings.

Cortana a willful spy on your computer system

Once you turn on the virtual assistant, simultaneously your whole host of data is also getting exposed to Microsoft’s server. When you talk to your Cortana, Microsoft at the same time gathers your voice input, along with your name and nickname, calendar events and your appointments.

To limit its behavior, you need to delve into its set up. Go the Privacy settings, click “Speech & Typing” and turn off the “Getting to know me.” But keep in mind, turning the feature off can also stop you from using Cortana to the fullest.

  • Technical solutions:

To upkeep the intelligence of your Cortana, you should seek for a reliable Windows 10 technical service to tweak the settings prudently so that it can work efficiently without sharing much of your data information.

In addition to these tips, you can follow some additional technical steps:

  • Turn Off the Secret Settings
  • Don’t use Express Settings during setup
  • Use local account
  • Conceal your browsing habits

All of this is to bring you some important technical tips, along with some support options to help you make Windows 10 your own.

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