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Topmost Windows 10 activation errors and possible fixes

After you install the Windows 10 or switch over to the latest version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, it is likely that you come across Windows 10 activation error shown via a pop-up message, saying Windows 10 could not be activated. There are different reasons for the failure of Windows 10 activation that may be related to product key, hardware, software, and wrong downloading. As there are different sorts of activation error messages that are reported quite common, timely and instant Windows 10 technical support from the right Windows help resource can make a real difference.


If you are a Windows user and have upgraded to Windows 10 for free from Windows 7.1 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1, it is possible that you reach a non-activated state. If yes, then execute the following steps:

  • Go to Start menu>> select Settings>> Update & security > Activation
  • Select Go to Store and verify the availability of a valid license. If not, why don’t you buy Windows from the Windows Store?

For a successful Windows 10 activation, you may depend on upon Microsoft technical help from Windows support companies that can be approached via a toll-free technical support phone number. Following are some topmost Windows 10 activation errors that Windows users are likely to encounter and their possible fixes suggested by Microsoft support professionals. The list is as follows:

Error 0xC004C4AE:

This error can occur if you have used a third-party app to add a display language. Here, to fix the issue, you simply need to restore your PC to previous settings to unbutton changes in Windows. If your Windows is still not responding, it can happen due to an invalid Windows copy. So, you better buy a new one.

Error 0xC004F061:

This error ensures that you haven’t installed a previous version of Windows on your PC. In addition, you have tried using a product key in order to upgrade to Windows 10. Here, you need to set up Windows 8 or 7 before executing an upgrade.

Error 0xC004FC03:

This error indicates that your PC is not connected to the internet. Moreover, firewall settings are preventing Windows from finishing the activation process. Just look for a stable internet connection and ensure your firewall is not preventing Windows from activating. If there is still a problem, activate Windows using the phone or call a Windows technical support professional via phone.

Error: 0xC004C008:

This error shows that the user has used the product key on one or more than one PCs. To activate Windows, you better buy a product key for each PC with the following steps:

  • Go to Start>> Settings>> Update & security>> Activation
  • Select Go to Store and follow the on-screen instructions to buy Windows

Error 0xC004C020:

It is related to using a Volume License on more PCs than the Software License Terms agree to. Simply, try a different product key to turn on your PC.

Error 0x8007232B:

PC is activated but not connected to the network and filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. You simply need to alter network settings and enter your product key:

  • Opt for Start menu>> Settings>> Update & security>> Activation
  • Choose Change product key and enter the 25-character product key

Error 0x80072F8F- ‘A security error occurred’; Error 0xC004E003, and Error 0x80004005- ‘Unspecified error’ are other common errors for which you can opt for Windows 10 support for resolving technical issues.

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