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Common cures on Windows 10 BSOD error

In recent years, we have seen old-style blue screen of death (BSOD) in a changed and elegant look. But whenever BSOD occurs, no one finds it welcoming. Windows blue screen errors are never a good thing for your Windows-bound devices. If any stop error causes your PC to shut down or restart unexpectedly, it is a blue screen error. If it happens, you won’t be able to see the Start menu or the taskbar on the screen, even when you turn your PC on. You can unexpectedly face this issue while upgrading to Windows 10; after an update was installed, and while using my PC option. This blue screen crashes in Windows 10 needs a fix to make your PC functional and you can make it possible with the help of Microsoft Windows 10 technical support from certified Microsoft professionals.


Before you dial a toll-free Microsoft Windows phone number for having right and effective technical support, you better have a look at some of top tips to fix blue screen crashes in Windows 10.

Make a backup: As you store all important files on your computers with regular backup creations. If you are having a BSOD issue, you better use dedicated backups solutions or take benefit of the many free offerings in the cloud. It will help you not only save data from being lost but also get the data that support you 24/7.

Recreate the problem: Just recreate the problematic process and end up with the crash so that you can the root cause of the issue effectively. It is quite clear that crashes are not random and they are caused by certain actions. If you are not able to find the loophole, ask Microsoft support experts for assistance on Windows 10 issues.

Check the code: Blue screen during windows 10 upgrade is possible; so you better check the error code displayed at the bottom of the message. Write it down and look for it on Google. It will let you know certain things make a little clearer when it comes to diagnosing the problem.

Know what changes you made: It will be better if you can know what you have changed on your system recently. If the BSOD happens while using a special program or software, make sure you are going to arrest the situation in the least amount of time.

Update drivers and Windows: You know well that corrupt graphics card drivers wreak havoc on a PC. So, you better go for updated drivers and uninstall a program or driver. Click on the search area of the taskbar and type windows update to know how updated is your Windows.

Don’t forget to check your hardware as it will help you know when it is the right time to replace a graphic card, RAM, and any other faulty component. It will also help you save some money that you have to pay for getting technical support for Windows 10 BSOD issues.

In case of any inconsistency, you better dial a tech support phone number for help on Windows 10.

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