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Fixing the Taskbar Disappeared Error in Windows 10

The taskbar has been a pivotal part of the Windows user experience for the last two decades. In the latest Windows 10 version, there are some unique and innovative features, such as new dark theme, icons, Cortana search, etc. The taskbar is anchored to the screen bottom automatically and can be adjusted to any screen side. Interestingly, it contains a Start button, buttons for running and pinned apps, and system tray area having notification icons and a clock.

Fix-task-bar-disappear-in windows-10
Surprisingly, there have been complaints over Windows forums and community pages where users haven’t able to detect the taskbar. Windows users are browsing online Windows 10 technical support services to fix the issue of “taskbar disappeared’ error or bottom task bar not showing.

The prime reason behind the occurrence of the “taskbar disappeared’ error is the inability of Windows users to differentiate between the tablet mode from Windows 8 and desktop mode in Windows 10. As the system switches into the tablet mode itself, Windows users get confused on the visibility of desktop or taskbar with all the icons missing. You can disable “tablet mode’ from the notifications menu or restart the Windows to take things your way. Here, a Microsoft Windows customer support service from any 3rd party technical support providing company can help you overcome the “taskbar disappeared’ error. You can also try these tips to fix the Taskbar Disappeared Error in Windows 10.

Unhide the Taskbar:

  • If your taskbar is hidden, you simply need to turn off the auto-hide and chuck out the “taskbar disappeared‘ error.
  • You better right-click on the Taskbar. If things are not favoring, go to the Control Panel and click on “taskbar and Navigation’. Here, you will view the taskbar properties dialog box and uncheck the “˜Auto-hide the taskbar’ box.
  • It is also likely that the auto-hide on the left or right of the screen is missed by users. You better check it.

If you are still unable to solve the puzzle of the taskbar Disappeared Error, then dialing a toll-free Windows 10 technical support phone number for Windows desktop error will make way for you.

Changing the display settings:

The issue of “taskbar disappeared’ can be irritating for the Windows users who regularly connect their computer to external display options. To get rid the issue, all you have to do is press Windows key+ P.

  • You can also move to the control panel by choosing “˜Display’ and finish by clicking on “˜Adjust’. Here, you can pin items to the taskbar.
  • For the users of Windows 10 after an upgrade, the resolution and display settings matter the most in “˜PC screen’ option. If the “taskbar disappeared’ issue hits you badly, you better contact Microsoft-certified Windows professionals.

Restarting Explorer.exe:

It can also help you as it is a process that controls the desktop.

  • Open your “task manager’ in Windows, and type “˜exploer.exe’, and then press Enter.

With these DIY steps, you can easily fix the Taskbar Disappeared Error in Windows 10.

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